Just came across with this AMAZING game 2-3 days ago and decided to build a blog about it, this game instantly captured my heart and inspired me to build a blog and share with you guys. I hope that you will enjoy it as much as I did, let’s talk about Air Wars 2 and cover all the important details of it, shall we?

First of all, the game gives you the opportunity to register own account and save your game progress in it, you can also play as a guest if you are not interested in it, but I really want to recommend you to register an account, it doesn’t take a lot of time and it is completely free as well.

As soon as you will choose your profile you will enter the main menu of the game, on the left side of the game window you can see chat where various gamers share their experience and knowledge or they simply talk about the game and look for gamer friends. On the right side of the window, you can see a list of available lobbies where you can play your match. You can click find in order to search for a specific one, you can use the leaders’ tab and see top players on the game (top in terms of EXP points and levels), and finally, you can choose a new tab and look for a log of updates and game-related news.

Okay, let’s select any lobby and see what else is there.

Oh yeah, as soon as you will select lobby you will get a pop-up message that lists all controls of the game. I will list all keys below:

W, A, S and D buttons are used for flying
Mouse buttons are used for shooting the air cannon
C button is a cockpit
~ button is used to show game menu

As you can see controls are pretty simple and easy to use.

After the control keys pop-up window you will instantly visit your hangar, here you can find your starting plane with basic stats and various tools to improve the flying parameters of it.

You can change the following options and improve your results on the battlefield, I mean battle sky field 😀

gun damage
gun recharge
shield recharge
turbo recharge
apart from upgrades you can also purchase a brand new airplane with better stats and modern gadgets. It requires from you a lot of experience points and levels, so keep that in mind!

At the starting stage of the game, you have 500$, when you defeat opponents in the sky, when you complete various objectives and earn experience points you will get more cash to upgrade your plane or buy new ones.

As soon as you will complete all of the purchasing/upgrading of your plane you will join the fight. Don’t forget about control keys, use the mouse, AWSD buttons, and destroy your opponents. Controlling your plane requires some skills, if you don’t have any don’t worry, in time you will learn how to fly, when to shoot and where to aim, etc.

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Video guide:
lack of gaming skills can be easily fixed with a help of a good old video guide. I have found the following one while scrolling on YouTube and I think that you will find good tips there. There are beginner-friendly advice as well as some tricks and tips regarding how to defeat your opponents easily.

With that being said what are you waiting for? The game is really awesome, you will get a lot of adrenaline from play it, in general, Air Wars 2 is a very thrilling game that has a lot of players, and finding a good lobby is not a problem at all. It also has tons of different upgrades, new airplanes, decent maps, and many mind-blowing features that in total make this game one of the best in its category.